Luciano Martucci

Luciano Martucci, a graduate in Ethnology, Anthropology, Religions, and Eastern Civilizations, has dedicated his career to the study of the culture and spirituality of societies in Latin America. His work has focused on defending the rights of tribal populations and demarcating their territories. Through extensive travels across Europe, Africa, and the Americas, Martucci has immersed himself in diverse cultures. In particular, he has delved into the profound exploration of the cult of San La Muerte, a spiritual figure revered by many communities in South America. Martucci's expertise extends beyond academic study; he has spent considerable time in the field, interviewing followers, and actively participating in their rituals and ceremonies. This hands-on approach has provided him with a unique and deep understanding of this devotion and its significance to its followers. Martucci's book offers a detailed analysis of the roots and history of the devotion to San La Muerte, presenting intricate descriptions of the ritual practices and beliefs surrounding this spiritual figure. His work also delves into the practice of implanting an amulet of San La Muerte beneath the skin, exploring how this custom has been influenced by the stories and cultures of Argentina and Paraguay.